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​Rich Hall (Runner Up in a Carson Daly Lookalike Contest)

This song is by Curl Up And Die and appears on the album Unfortunately, We're Not Robots (2002).

Away from the rivers we gather our things for tonight
Apart from the ocean the smell of this worn away machine carrys her away
Alone I said to myself, "i will wait for you." the city shined shades of white tonight
Covering all the filth, it almost seemed safe here
Clouded city now hidden by the crowded structures and her lost citadels
You never wanting and me never knowing, we move on
Tired angel buried beneath the towering divide come back to me, wake from your slumber
For all the reasons these fingers never wanted to quit drawing yours
(These words were all for you.) like a story she read once I lie in an empty bed
Together we're better separate
I'm better off alone
This quick romance has killed me