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Face Off

This song is by Curious Lil' Jay.

I was chilling with my main man D,
We was gettting as high as a mutha f*'in tree,
When suddenly this punk came out from above,
He said hey b!tch my weeds won the golden glove,
He said my names Rod and I'm the master,
I'm the weed smokin' disaster blaster,
It looked like this was goinna be a real long night,
Only ending to this story was a fight,

So D took over and said bring it on,
I could kick you'r ass while on the john,
So if you feel a lil lucky let's get it on,
I've got this fight I've already won,

They got it on like light switches,
D made that dude one of his b!tches,
He was on my dick like a jockstrap,
Then me and D busted out this freestyle rap,
We got it on like Marvin Gaye,
I started it out, my name is Jay,
On and on like popcorn,
We busted lines that had never been born,

You don't mess with the LBC,
We're as mean as mean can be,
We be on you like a tracking device,
Follow you around like hungry mice,
Teach you a leason and make you nice,
We can make shit happen like Lil' Cease,
Come up on you like a disease,
So stay out of our way better off, out of sight,
We'll bust you up and make you see the light...

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