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This song is by Curious Fools and appears on the album Curious Fools (1994).

Feeling out or feeling in
Always in measure
To the moment I begin
To feel the pressure

I will give in
To the pressure

I'm a mess but on it goes
Never stopping
Oh never stops
Nevertheless I grab a hold
Onto nothing

Still I will give in
To the pressure

Crazy am I
From the straits that I'm in
Help me I cry
But there's no one round to hear me so I'll keep on giving in

I've got that look in my eye again baby
Why even bother
Why even try to win
Ain't never gonna win

If I keep giving in

You might feel fine
Give it some time

Got to agree
Got to be free

Listen to me
Oh listen

Ever so me
Long to be free
We both agree

I've gotta get out
I've gotta get out
Oh, oh
I've got to get out

He asked me
Hey brother do you have a light
I showed him
I showed him the no smoking sign

Then I said
Hey man
Hey man

You've got
You've got
You've got
You've got to get out
You've got to get out

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