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This song is by Curbsquirrels and appears on the album We Wish We Knew How to Quit This (2008).

Yesterday, she ran away,
Couldn't stay.
She just couldn't take it anymore.
Pressed on nails and make up trails
On her face from crying the night just before.

She looks outside to see the beauty has died
So she closes her eyes, but the tears keep on flowing.
The hurt and pain are unending again
When she falls to the ground
And remembers what her friends had said:

"You're not as cool as her
You could be funnier, and smarter.
Cooler, skinnier, taller, happier."
That's not the way He sees her.
She's paying for thunthoughtfulness of her friends.
They didn't think their words would hurt her,
But the pain, it never ends.

Every ten compliments are killed by one insult.

Walking around all by herself.
She feels better now
When she remembers what her dad told her:
"My darling girl you mean more than the world.
You're precious to me, funny and honest, you see."

He looks inside to see the beauty's alive,
So she closes her eyes and beginning to thank him,
She says, "Hey dad I'll be with you till the end
My faith will never go dead."
She remembers the words that he said.

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