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This song is by Cumberland River Band.

They called this town bloody
At one time in its life
Just because the simple man
Would not give up without a fight

My momma, she raised me
And she taught me wrong from right
Daddy was an old count dog
He'd done nothing but steal, cheat and lie

Ain't it funny how destiny
Works out the things in life?
Like how I became a law man
I think that's Justified

Some people call me reckless
But I don't give a damn
They just see that I'm the law
And forget I'm a Harlan man

There was a time I worked down in the mine
I got calluses on my hands
Most just don't like my way
They don't understand

So if you've got a problem
With the way I live my life
I can help you close your eyes
And I think that's Justified

So before you cross that county line
And break the law in my town
There is a few things you might wanna know
Before the deal goes down

You may be a bit of a howler
Where you think you can't be found
But don't you ever doubt it, son
'Cause I'll always be around

I wear a star on my chest
And a six gun on my side
So look out boy you just might be staring
In the barrel of a .45

There's not a judge in this town that'll help you now
And I think that's Justified

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