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Simon's Song

This song is by Cueio Limão and appears on the album Quem Matou O Bozo? (2004).

The book is on the table
But I'm feeling your love
What's your name?? I don't know
Because my dog ate, my homework
Listen, the baby is crying
Inside in my mind

There's nothing left to lose
The color and the shape...

I like lemon, I like lemon
I Like lemon and drink, Flying Horse

Let's talk about feelings
And talk about your feet
I caugth two chairs, and go away,
For hunt rabbits, every day

A day in the life, a day in the night
A day in the light, a day in the box
And I lost my Simon's CD
And you lost your head for me...

I like lemon, I like lemon
I like lemon and drink, Flying Horse.
I like fishing, I like fishing
I like fishing and listen, Simon's Song...

Simon's Song
Simon's Song

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