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Taste Of Pastry

This song is by Cuban Link.

Sing! All you gotta do is sing!
(Ooh ooh oh)
Micheal Jackson... who could sing!
But he ain't the most masculine fella in the world...
(You're my pretty lady, baby yeah)

Baby... you're my favorite lady
You make me go so crazy
For that taste of pastry

(Verse 1 - Cuban Link)
Baby you makin' me crazy
The way you shake ya waist got me hasty
To get face-to-face and jus taste the pastry
Lately, u been waitin for that tongue massage
A one-on-one under the stars in my summer lodge
Pardon ma, but from the start I was guilty as charged
We was gods wit no regards jus strictly menage-es-trois
At the bar puffin Cuban cigars playin' my part
As a deeper heart wit the streets smarts to read ya thoughts
But its hard 'cause ur different, ur far from a pigeon you my princess
The vision which got me switchin religions
It's tradition, u even hit the kitchens witout bitchin
There's nuttin missin', u perfect like Roger Clemen's picture
So ya wish is my command, give you kisses on ya hand
Takin' trips to foreign lands, can't no competition stand
Here's the plan, we can skip to Cancun
Now who da man? Catch a tan, while we bangin' bodies on the sand, understand

(Verse 2 - Triple Seis)
Yo it's a dream, ask more why she don't go for beams?
Baggin heavy, so she ready for dat loco team
Ya man Queens a ho, after-show
From the trizz spendin all her dough that's how it goes
Don't ya know, profession a true thug
Who will eat the choch, beat the choch and leave you wit a new buzz
If you 'cause my squad is reppin, its hard to check em
You makin' it hard that's why the god is sweatin
Wanna taste u, lace you and embrace u
Lemme show you how Triple Seis do
A lil tongue lashin, make you cum laughin'
Pick up ya thong 'cause its on in the Bronx fashion
Think I'm cute? Wait till I finish the chooch
So smashable, start gassin you for my TS crew
So where my east coast riders at? (what what)
So where my west coast riders at? (yeah yeay)

(Verse 3 - Prospect)
Shorty I'm right here, I be the thug that you lookin' for
Prospect and you know I'm baggin it raw
Gimme one minute and watch her pants sag to the floor
You know wat happened before, in the back of the door
Its hard to tell wen we type wildin those
Security tapped the door, we on silent mode
Musta been too much excitement for us to contain
People heard us next door tryin' to fuss and get played
Mad 'cause they wasn't crushin the same, doin' it up
I'd still cock back and bust two in the gut
They call million-plex shit, had me lovin' the sexin
Left the room and ya tear usin' the Lexus
Flags over the shoulders either way I see textures
And gestures, got me comin' back for extras

(Take off yo clothes, meet me in the bathtub, I wanna taste yo lovin')

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