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Love Of A Lifetime

This song is by Crystal Kay and appears on the album Almost Seventeen (2002) and on the album Natural: World Premiere Album (2003).

Something about yesterday night
It keeps replying over, over and over oh, wow
You are the sweetest wine
I'm just a cup running over and over again

Because you've got that something
Something that's just like me
I can't put my finger on it
This chemistry we agree

* We've got the love of a lifetime
The moon and the stars are rolling light
We've got the thing and it's all right
It's more than love, it's more than love

You don't have to worry 'bout me
Cause I've got something this precious
Precious won't lose it no, no
You're the mystery, page after page
Just gets better as we go along

Because we've got that something something
That sweeter than words
Least my eyes haven't seen
No, my ears haven't heard
What I needed all of my life
Has finally come to me and it's all mine

* repeat

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