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The Shadowkeep

This song is by Cryptic Wintermoon and appears on the album A Coming Storm (2003).

Welcome to my world - so cold and dark
But even colder and darker is my blackened heart
And like everey night - we'll play the game again
You will runn and I will hunt you to the tunnels end

I'm bound to your body - a shadow cast by light
But I will be unleashed in the darkness of the night
We turn to nightmares - when you sleep
Welcome the dawn welcome to the shadowkeep

We are always watching - always there
Always following - nobody cares
Bound to every motion - every move you do
But when th sun sets - we will control you

We are the masters of the darkness
We are creators of your dreams
We are the bringers of your nightmares
In this fortress there is nothing as it seems
Maybe this night you will be faster
Maybe you'll make it to the tunnels end
But if you won't escape till sunrise
You will never see the light of day again

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