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The Righteous Slayer

This song is by Cryptic Wintermoon and appears on the album A Coming Storm (2003).

Look in the mirror look at your empty face
Reflecting pictures of a life ain't worth living
The time has come again for you to satisfy your lust
Free your innards from turmoil
It's just another fucking bitch just as done before

Forced to kill - 4 dimensional thoughts
From the dephts of your shitfucking entrails plead to
"Not accountable" I'm going to delete you're your file

My life came to bring yours to rest free you from your pain

Just one more hipocritical tear driving my hate ending your fear
Ghost me motherfucker as long as you can
Or await what I have to do
Who shall blame me just for getting rid of you

Today someone's gonna ease your pain
This day the right one will be slain
Some day another one will tear out your brain
Each day you have to die again and again

Look at me I am the one I am distortion within your head
Taste my hate I am the one the rrighteous slayer
Face me I am the one laying you better in dead

Go on gather the hate of the living
Don't expect there's someone worse than you
I despise your fucking birth
Contemptuous kill is all what you deserve

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