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This song is by Cryptic Wintermoon and appears on the album A Coming Storm (2003).

I am here back from the dead to paint the world in blood red
Watch out the hell in my eyes when I take the harvest with my scythe
Bringing fire as I ride I will send bombs out in the night
Listen what I have to tell 'cause I wish you fucking hell

It won't be nice to meet up with me
Cause all I wanna do is to fistfuck you

I am the supersatan big block instead of balls
Your fear is gasoline a supernatural deathmachine
I am the racing hate 666 my license plate

So fuck you all

I'm coming round to satanize to slaughter and to pulverize
Yeah I'm coming round
I guess you do not really love me
But riding with the evil gives me pleasure too

I am the loving darkness that sweetly embraces your soul

Racing with the hand of domm it will be very cool
Hey little motherfucker I will make you a fool

I am the supersatan your fear is gasoline
Not weapons kill me but I fuck you

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