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This song is by Cryptic Wintermoon and appears on the album A Coming Storm (2003).

Once I was sent to bring back your breed to the lord
The loss of your selfesteem is beyond redemption
Your hollow - your weack - now I'm here your messiah
The anti messiah
Dance for me like marionettes I am your messiah
Your god hates you just like me

Compassion aborts time is now running out for you
I'm your accuser I am your judge
You're born in the mud and just live in disgrace
I am what you're waiting for your messiah
I am the bringer of what you deserve
I'm sent by your god but there is no salvation
It'gone in your lifeless minds guiged to degeneration
You follow your primitive instincts but don't see the signs
I am here to lead you to slavery

I am your messiah the anti messiah dance for me like marionettes
I am your messiah your god is nothing but me
Follow me I'm your unhallowed priest seducer of mankind
Resisting the serpant or preaching the beast
Make your decision but always
It's the end of your time the end of your time
It's the end of your mind's confusion
The loss of your soul religious conclusion

You fools trusting in mercy and your futile prayers
What are you waiting for
What is your god dammed salvation?
You need a redeemer so call me messiah
The judas to the hollow but revelation to this world
This is the end of your mystic prophecies
And the dawn of a new age of reality

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