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Hate Revealed

This song is by Cryptic Wintermoon and appears on the album A Coming Storm (2003).

I am sick- so fucking sick- of your laughing
I am sick- so fucking sick- of your talking
I am sick of your useless tries to missionare me
I am sick of you- come closer- feel my hate- unleash my hell and die

Ride through my valley of my broken hope- revealed in hate
Across the line where shadow meets the daylight sky
Watching the world go down in fire wich the hate ripped off my soul
See life worth living for my kind concealed in shadow

I want that shadows rise upon the useless existence of ne being weak
I want them see my hell created by the hate I still conceal

I want you praise your god
I want you kiss his ass
I want you trust him blindly
I want you sacrifice
I want you just ignore on rule of your worthless being
I want you take the mercy of killing you living

Just stop to tell me my way ends not in paradise
I piss on the gate of your heaven
I spit on the way your commandments tell
Just lived a life concealde my hate
Your pool of wisdom is nothing but a lie
Misled to blind fate
Blindly trusting in the mercy of a self created god
Kissing the cross as a sign of loyalty
Devoted in passion you will feel no one's cruelty but yours

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