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Darkness Forever

This song is by Cryptic Wintermoon and appears on the album A Coming Storm (2003).

Claws of fear touch your heart in the darkness
Thoughts of soulburning horror rip your mind
Feel his presence bleed your soul - steel your life
Endless black - even darkness steps aside

Hear the call of the god - you die
Once a god fell from grace into oblivion
Entombed in darkness - endless vanishing
Banished by gods from light - descent to twilight
But one day from the ashes he will rise

I am the evil within you and you will never reach eternity
Darkness forever
May the gates burst open - may all hell breack loose
When the shadowgod arrives
Armies forged of steel and sulphur
On the back of nightmares they will ride

There wont be a quich salvation - I will make you bleed forever
I'll entwine your world with fire - for a thousand years
And thousand plagues will rip the land - hunger then will rage and war
But you will suffer endlessly - for ages and even more
You would offer evereything just to die - but there wil be no remorse
You want to know how long a human can suffer - eternally and even more
For a thousand years and more - forever

Come with me I'll lead your heart to darkness
Be my friend or my enemy
Victory to the sulphur legions
Death to the army of the free
I will grind my enemy into the ground
The dwell of life will be dry forever
Lifeless bodies lay all around
And my reign will last forever

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