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Dark Crusade

This song is by Cryptic Wintermoon and appears on the album A Coming Storm (2003).

Subterran shockwave rapes the earth -
Skies on fire the evils birth
So it was foretold I shall be born again

In a slumber for a thousand years-
I return your greatest fear
Now this world will be mine again

Chaos - everywhere you see - as your worl is falling
Torture - and pain is brought by me - I'm your eternal enemy
The foul - armies of damnation - dark forces on the raid
Created to destroy - I'm back to fight my dark crusade

Beware of the falling night - blackened riders - genocide
The fall of the godforsaken
Souldevourer on his ride - a fallen angel - in darkest night
Your soul will soon be taken away

Swallowed by crimson vortex
Astral gates unfold
To unleash the breed of darkness
Creatures of the underworld
Ripping bodies to lifeless peaces
As blood rains down on earth
Eating flesh from your dying corpse
Pain is all that you deserve
Eating souls - endless hate - body parts - carbonate
The cataclysm - seals your fate -a dying world - the dark crusade

I'm here to crush your soul - godforsaken

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