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This song is by Crustified Dibbs and appears on the album Night of the Bloody Apes (1994).

Now let me tell you a little something
I met this little honey dip, honey dip, she likes to shake her butt
(But she's a problem child), she ain't nothing but a youngster
Her boyfriend tried to step now his bodies in the dumpster
Now I'm in love cuz she crazy, she's messed up
I dressed up, she didn't give a fuck how I was dressed up
Cowbunga, feeling stronger
She couldn't get no younger, but one night she had the hunger so I swung her
I treat her good, I remember the time
I freaked her in the bed but that's considered a crime
She couldn't understand it was regular
Underage pussy, I've offended ya I rip shit when I bending her
She's slippin' psycho, bitch is psychopathic
Think a schizofrantic, now it's to get roman-tic
Nursery schoolin' it, feeling like a fool and shit
I bust my nut, why did I have to stick my tool in it?

(Why did I have to my tool in it.. Statchy)

(What's with that young bitch?)
People never mind their business, what is this?
How could I hit this, am on their shitlist
But I swing the trusty bat, mind ya biz punk
She flied up she's fly and her pussy's all of that (word)
They call her statu-tory
But I don't care cuz 21 year old women bore me
Plus the fact with age she's homicidal
Tried to take her title
Well she's sick, Jeffery Dahmer is her idol
I don't what to do, no I don't know what to do
Cuz am so into YOU
I take shits in front of her
(?) don't you think that's really disgusting
That's the reason she's my love stem
Who give a fuck about her age
If you said that you cared about her age
I'll hit you with the 12 gauge
Baby I'm not don't with causing strife
(She down with OP.P.?)
If she is I'll take her fuckin' life
I got the Buttafuoco complex
When I have sex with her er, um on my nerve
She's mad young, I call her Statchy for short
Meaning statutory, true
Why did I have to stick my tool in it?

Up to now, everything was going wonderful
Beautiful to certain indivu's it's not suitable (grrr)
They call me babysitter just because I hit her
But oh, no, not a under age it's kinda sky page urine (?)
I know she went the virgin when I took her
(Did you stick her?) I stuck her now she act like Frankenhooker
She feens for every nut on the flag I'm not lovin' for it
Ready crotch, ready puss and find a place to store it
You bust-head bitch, I don't care how rough you is
I'm friggin' Rugged I'll stick my body parts in your fridge in fact girl
I don't know who you're messing with, why do you have to play me, used to love it now I'm gonna end it
(Get off, get over here get off!) I punched her in the face now's she's placed her mace
I put her body in the suitcase
Too bad you never got to see you're sixteenth birthday
You hurt me, you hurt me, but now you'll never jerk me
I really miss her, yes I do I loved her I shoulda listened up
I should have never stuck my tool in it

(Why did I have to my tool in it.. Statchy)

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