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R.A. Classroom

This song is by Crustified Dibbs and appears on the album Night of the Bloody Apes (1994).

(Miguel) Teacher, Teacher I need help with this
(Teacher) Yes Miguel how may I help you?
(Miguel) I don't know how to do this
(Teacher) That's seven times three, oh my god (I know this, it's ten!) This fucking special ed student's fucking retarded
Do I have to smash your head against my desk again? (Ow! Ow!) do you like it? (Leave him alone!) R.A. what are you doing? Why are you throwing desks again?
(R.A.) I just wanna be normal, with the normal kids in the normal classes!
(Teacher) You CAN'T! you're all handicapped, and that's fun. Now let's all sing that song we all know and love
(R.A.) Why we gonna sing that song!
(Teacher) Sing it! Sing it now!
(Class) We are retards, handicapped children
(R.A.) I hate this fuckin' song! I fuckin' hate it!
(Teacher) I love this song
...When's recess?

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