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​Your own prison

This song is by Crushead and appears on the album Can you handle this (2004).

You want to start your day reading your Bible
But you're too tired and you just let it be
At school you're asked if you're a Christian
But you just say: no.
You go home ashamed cause you didn't have the guts
To stand for what you know.

Leave it all
And then you suddenly remember
Face it all
And then it flashes through your mind:
Fear not,
For the Lord is here with you
He blesses you
He holds his right hand over you

The day has passed, you're lying in your bed
And you go through the day in your head.
Everything seems to be the same
And somehow you're not satisfied
With yourself and you think about
What's special about your life

Leave it all...

Sometimes there is something missing,
There's this emptiness, inside
It comes time and time again,
And then you suddenly decide:
I wanna run away from my own prison
I wanna be a member of your system
I gave my heart to you
I wanna make it through
Come restore my life
Gimme strength and hold me tight

Leave it all...