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What's up

This song is by Crushead and appears on the album Can you handle this (2004).

May I tell you something about bad blood
And may I tell you the truth to your face
Tell me how long you will keep your eyes shut
Or is the situation an ordinary circumstance
Why do people still have to live in slums
When they survive the genocide
They're dying of disease
And you still keep on building your new weapons
And wonder why this world's still so sick

So tell me
What's in there, what's on your mind
What's in your soul what's classified
What's up, what's up yeah
What's up what's up

Do you really think that all your tanks and guns
Will us save from our own self destruction
I wonder what went wrong in our systems
That people like you could ever reach the top

So tell me...

You will break
Awake, awake

So tell me...

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