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This song is by Crushead and appears on the album Space Between (2006).

To retreat into your shell: that's just the usual reaction
When the way things go don't lead to your own satisfaction
Giving it up - is that your way of life?
And inner strife and pain is all you feel inside

Is your cup half-empty instead of half-filled up
Do you feel annoyed by every little thing
Is self-pity 'n' pessimism your second name
Is your whole life covered by a long black crape
And then you feel like bursting and you only want to scream
It seems like you are wasting time with your philosophy
To just spent this lifetime with sitting, thinking, dreaming
One day you will smother on all these stupid things

Why don't you scream and shout when you're face-down
Why don't you talk to people who find a way out
You're not the only one, that's what you got to know
Time will not stand still just because of you

No, no, no never ever,
I'm so sick of it
No, no, no never ever,
These words kill
No, no, never ever no, no, never ever,
That is what you always say

You don't need to be troubled, your life is in good hands.
But just doing nothing don't lead to a happy end
Are you satisfied with everything you say or do
Be someone who reacts but don't act like a fool

Does god distribute while his own are sleeping
What about your own acts are you still creeping
Through rooms and spheres nobody can ever come to
Please turn around that's the best that you can do
Let him be the bullet that kills all bad feelings
Let him be the bandage which stops all your bleedings
Pimp your life with love from outside
Turn to the right way let him be your guide

Let him be the bullet that kills all bad feelings
Let him be the bandage which stops all your bleedings
He pulls people out of the dark into a new life and turns them inside out
Let him throw yourself in turmoil get turned inside out be a light in the crowd

No, no, no never ever
Back to pessimism
No, no, no never ever
Being alone

Leave your old life behind face the trouble inside
Throw the long black crape away

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