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Everybody Knows

This song is by Crush and appears on the album Here (2002).

It seems that I don't know
what it is that you know
You think your brain is super sized.

It seems that I can't feel
the wisdom that you feel
You think you're so much better than I.

You try to hide it,
but you just can't fight it,
Everybody knows about you.
You put on a big show
just to hide your ego
Everybody knows about you

It seems your plan has failed.
Upon a cross you're nailed.
And you expect some sympathy' from me?


Not everybody knows it,
but it's in the rumor mill.
And even if they don't I'll leave it in my will.
You cheated, you lied, you tried to do me wrong,
and I can't wait 'til you hear my song.

Chorus (Repeat)

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