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Rites to the Abduction of Essence

This song is by Cruciamentum and appears on the album Charnel Passages (2015).

Break the waters holding thee
Waters conceived and created through sin
Born anew of air, earth and spiritual fire

Oh cosmic demurge, foul creation
Through the pulsating sphincter of spirit made flesh
Look mercifully on this child
Dry him with the breath of troublesome life

Be degenerate, dead again of water
Sanctified, the washing away of mystic life

The aid of all those weak
The crutch of all that flee to thee to suckle
The death of spirits that believe
Damnation of the dead in the realm of flesh

The shepherd's bell tolls the lambs
Take, eat, this is my spirit, which is broken for you
Drink, this is my lifeblood, which I am drained of for you

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