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Deathless Ascension

This song is by Cruciamentum and appears on the demo album Convocation of Crawling Chaos (2009).

Acts of blasphemy in accordance to ancient prophecy
Lifeless hangs the envoy of God as he sings to a threnody of anguish
Command of darkest forces
Arisen, deathless ascension
He is the key to the gate, the accursed blasphemer, once a man of God
The summoner of subhuman emergence, extirpated from the earth
He is the dweller of the twilight void
In misery adorned, faithless, abandoned by Christ
In spiritual solitude reside
Occult praxis
Armageddon harbinger
Darkness prevails...
Triumphant blasphemy
Mankind's downfall
Humanity lies annihilated...
The corpses on the walls begin to move, ancient superiority is restored
Abhorrent hordes hold ordinance, over mankind's crushed dominion

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