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This song is by Cruciamentum and appears on the album Charnel Passages (2015).

In lucid slumber,
Dimensions of time and space melting simultaneously,
Memories of yesterday's merge
Into sub realms of mind

It's turbulent waters drag the 'I' to abyssic depths,
Chaos currents drown cries for control.

With outside side vision,
Innumerable eyes witness the death of 'I'
Movements, imprints, limbs, trails...
Being bursts into,
Kaleidoscopic psychosis

With each gesture,
Wading through mud and dirt
Hallucinations: from terror to nothingness
Memories: from joy to abject sorrow

Negative trip to the bowels of anxiety,
The shadow self obscures ego,
Crushed by a force of unseen might
Victory to the tyrants of the night

As the waking world beckons me with it's light,
Chains of surreality chastise will,
In the rays of hope,
The black sun eclipse, obscures the self I once knew.

Music by:

D.L., D.B-H., R.B.

Lyrics by:




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