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Total Satan

This song is by The Crown and appears on the album Deathrace King (2000).

Raw power angel from Hell! Lovely as sin, this image of me!
Reality cast in a spell! Beyond all nightmares my sprit is free!

Total Satan! Total Satan!
Total Satan! Total Satan!
I want it...give me all you've got!

To live the life I love! To love the life I live!
It's all I see, all I feel, all I ever needed!
Oh so very bad!

Total Satan! Total Satan!
Total Satan! Total Satan!
Come on now! Try it out!

There are no laws...nothing is Satan anarchy!

The devil is in your soul when you come...
With the gain of the skull beneath your face...
Feed me with apples offered by women...
Blessed rapture with knowledge and lust...

Jehovah dictator! We're not your slaves!
This is for all those you've sent down to Hell!
Say what? I'm damned? I don't care 'cause I don't wanna get to heaven!

Total Satan! Total Satan!
Total Satan! Total Satan!
Total Freedom! Total Satan Revolution!

In splendorous pride and everything you like, without fear!
Total Satan reign supreme!

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