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Anyone Can Tell

This song is by Crowded House and appears on the single Four Seasons In One Day (1992).

I dream of a place that's hedged with roses
With a man in the middle don't talk in riddles
You get hung on every single word

Some call it high, some call it low
And I hear about things you don't want to know
But the truth is still a valuable thing

Don't get caught with your pants down baby
This world the criminal sing
There is another world waiting

But anyone can tell
Anyone can tell
Anyone can tell that I'm not lying
You can hide your face
Pull it into shades
'Cos you can't escape the lie forever

I dream of a place that's overrun by children
And the lord is in the kitchen
Do your work and you'll get your rewards

'Cos what you are is all that really matters
What is left you can easily scatter
On the ground a head covered in mud

Don't step on my principles baby
In spite of what you have done
One day you will have the wisdom

I will tell you
Everything straight

Anyone can tell that I'm not lying
You can hide your face
You can change your shape
'Cos you can escape the lie forever

Anyone can tell
Anyone can tell

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