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Mammal Sauce

This song is by Crotchduster.

In case of emergency
You gotta use Mammal Sauce.
It's my everyday supply,
Without it I'd be lost.
Trust us motherfucker,
I use it in my hair.
I use it in my balls,
And even play solitaire.
I put it in my milk to make my breakfast great,
You must think I'm joking, I use it to masturbate.
But when I have a party, I spike the drinks,
Mammal Sauce is the greatest thing since the Cuban Link.

Mammal Sauce

Listen up motherfuckers,
I got something I need to say:
If you don't use Mammal Sauce
You might as well be gay.
I feel it running through my veins,
I feel it running through my eyes.
You hear the name that's calling you,
It makes you hypnotized - let's go.


Sliptoflappy rappy
And a carpal tunnel pudding flanker.
Nabble and a stampy and a
Pigeon-smelling generator.
See a chitlin wafer and a
Chocolate-buttered horse's ass.
Frabble Obble Abble and a
Stupid monkey chicken gas.
Chinese diarrhea prison carpet
Chunky Harplegig.
Nopaliaseah perforated
Purple Parkle Pig.

My Mammal Sauce is the best Mammal Sauce,
I spread Mammal Sauce on my wang.
We make Mammal Sauce in Bill William's loft,
And we eat a bucket of Tang.

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