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Open Up Your Eyes

This song is by Crossfade and appears on the album We All Bleed (2011).

You can hear clearly now
The ringing in my head
Do you believe me now
Or do you still think I'm just trying
To bring you down
To wreck this to the ground?
You're thinking always so
Tell me what will I do now
Can you hear me now?

Can I breathe alone?
Can I sleep alone?
Can I be alone?
We all die alone

I can see clearly how
A life gets thorn away
So easy to let them down
When no one knows just what you're thinking
It's hard to laugh
When they smile when you're not around
When no one cares you're here
You don't wanna to be found
I don't wanna be found

I won't breathe alone
I won't sleep alone
I won't be alone
I won't die alone

So everybody just sing along
Make the answer known
Know that none of us are alone
Everyone of us should feel alive
So open up your eyes
Open up your eyes

We won't breathe alone
We won't sleep alone
We won't be alone
We won't die alone
So open up your eyes
Open up your eyes

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