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Down at the Harbor

This song is by Cross Canadian Ragweed and appears on the live album Live And Loud At The Wormy Dog Saloon (1999).

I been sittin' in this marina all day
Watchin folks fillin up their tanks
And hearin skiers cuss the waves
We're all gonna rendezvous come nightfall
Down there close by the edge of the pier
Bring bucket loads of longneck beer
Summertime by the lakeside is the best time of year

Down at the harbor
Lights on the water
I be tellin' all my jokes
Sittin' way too close
To somebody's daughter
Down at the harbor
Shines on the water
Forget my way home
Hope I'm not alone
At least till tomorrow

Everybody's hangin' out and catchin rays
We're so busy runnin' from our life
Takes up most of our day
When the night comes here it's time to unwind
Sing some songs on my old guitar
Laugh about them nights in the bar
Everybody's dancin underneath the stars

Make my way home and hope I'm not alone
At least till tomorrow

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