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Wall Song

This song is by Crosby & Nash.

You are walking, you've always been walking
Stumbling half blinded and dry as the wind
That strafes you and leaves you to lie in the sand
And the wall stretches endless beside you to nowhere

This wall that you've been trying to cross for years
This fence made of tears no one hears

You see a door, ah, such a great open door
You know that your eyes tellin' lies still you chance
A shambling run, a ridiculous dance
Like a scarecrow that's hung up to dry on a fence pole

And there's a place like vacuum waiting inside you
For you to get through to the blue

You scent the water, fresh green grass, food and water
Your breath is scraping your brain into dust
Your rusty old engine is ready to bust
You cannot believe it that they would not trust you

The door is wavering, is that your eyes?
Are they still telling lies? What are lies?

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