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This song is by Crosby & Nash and appears on the album Whistling Down the Wire (1976) and on the album The Best of Crosby & Nash: The ABC Years (2002).

And the blue bird over my head
Is waiting for the sea to dry
And the farmer standing on the bridge
Is hoping that the fish will fly
And the boat on the bay
Is waiting for the cloud to cry

On Sailboat Bay
So far away

And the cannibals are waiting on the edge
To eat the meat that they can smell
And the monkeys standing in line
Can do the two-step very well
On the gang plank one at a time
A story for the waves to tell about

On Sailboat Bay
I said mutiny
So far away

With the ice man cooling the wind
The coastline can't be very far
With the shore man rowing behind
We'll find our way beneath the stars
But the captain sat there and grinned
And he set the sail for Shangri-La

It's mutiny
On Sailboat Bay
So far away


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