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Black Queen

This song is by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and appears on the 1992 reissue of the album 4 Way Street (1971).

This song is a cover of "Black Queen" by Stephen Stills.
Gonna do a country blues.
A little music from back home.
I was raised in Louisiana,
And, uh, there used to be an old black man
Named Charlie Harris worked at a feed store
And he'd sit out in the back,
Long about sundown, and play kinda like this.

One thing the Blues ain't, is funny.

Black queen holdin' hearts
Black queen tear the game apart
Black queen don't you know
Can't beat aces, all in a row black queen.
Don't you go bet on the black queen
Come on have mercy black queen (yeah)
My aces can beat you clean

Black queen see the whole hand honey
Black queen where's your black man
Black queen if he ain't in the hole
Black queen you've got some more
To show me black queen, right now
Don't you go bet on the black queen (yeah)
Ah, Have mercy black queen (right now)
My aces can beat you clean
All right, all right

Black queen where's your bank roll, honey now
Black queen where did it go, right on
Black queen the truth is hard
Black queen don't play them foolish cards black queen
Come on, come on now black queen, yeah
Get it on, with it black queen right now
My aces will beat you clean, oh yeah


Written by:

Stephen Stills

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