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This song is by Cromok and appears on the album Image Of Purity (1991).

Torn in time
Listen to my words for once
Do you fear?
Fear for a broken spell of lust
Touched by a mortal sinner
Roar of massive illusion

For the pair
Search through your wildest dreams
Free to roam to the edge of the world
Lies between the eyes of darkness
And dark side of the sun

Hunt the beast
For the purpose of mankind
Can you hear pounds of marching footsteps by step
Harmless proud creature, dying
Facing near extinction

Miles into the deep
The lands get poorer
The legend says the speech but
No one care or dare
Blame it on the pair

Beach of the serpent's spit
Drinks for the holy
How long can you stand the day
The sickness and the pain are chained
Like pouring of the rain

Wake up from your nightmare
Of death and and devastation
Hold your breath for I fear
The oath has just begun not end
Survival lies in my hands

Seek poison to heal your wound
Seek death to end your life
If you think that's a solution
Think again my men and women
For God's rules are written

Spare my life
Don't leave me to die in sin
Forgive my soul
Innocence still live in me
I'll prove
Create a dream that will come tru
You'll see

Pell my veins
Colour of my life is done, now
I'm ready to show them the chilli
For once I'll offer you my brains
To use with intelligence

Will I
Disguise as clouds in the sky
Bring misery to happiness
Unless the population knows
They'll die one by one

Split the bread
Half a loaf for the world
Thanks to you my children of hatred
The heritage will never die
The habitant of sacrifice

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