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This song is by Cromok and appears on the album Image Of Purity (1991).

Reach for the sky for the three suns
Curse is raised, first task is done
Eternal life slave poor creature
Incubus spell world is conquered
Play dead, dying and blood transfusion
The final is near, conjunction near

Denied death, addicted to life
Sacred shard, it stands above air and fire
Lost without hope, fear on the run
My army is released, undo my wrath forever
Labyrinth gate opens wide
Trapped in, nowhere you can run or hide

Sweet scream set the beast free
Damnation creature into hopeless oath
Places of ashes unite to one
The legend tell you why

Surrender now you fool
The game is over no future for you
Leave the world without traces of blood
Accept the shameful loss

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