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This song is by Cromagnon and appears on the album Orgasm (1969).

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Madonna light, the hyper speeding
Caressed the newborn with a tear
Of misty windfields, crystal plains
And all the magic of daybreak

The virgin dream, a haunting taste of
Celtic love joys, warm at court
Withered rivers, painted streams
Cut deep the sweet vagina

Ah, yes the lords, the monied merchants
The feudalistic jester slave
Walk deep between these walls of stone
In a fading sky pulsation

Descended veil of resurrection
Agrocola's granite tomb
The blood of Pict in all its fury
Died by a thousand eyes

And deadly is the stage which stagnates
Calm before a raging storm
The hands and nails frozen black
By twilight stripped of sinew

Sinew splintered splendor crackled
Swirling forest castle ride
Funneled through magenta hallways
Hell was but the froth

Toth the isis child new as mother's milk
Had come the magic
Pipes of spice and firefly
Diamonds of lightning

Lightning diamond festival of dragon fire
Cricket strings
Leaf percussion, looking glass
Far beneath the overground man

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