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Celebrate The Enemy (1994)Edit

Crocodile Shop - Celebrate The Enemy
Celebrate The Enemy
  1. Celebrate The Enemy
  2. Growing Stronger
  3. She Said You Said
  4. Temple Of Lies
  5. (Re)Measure
  6. Smack-Up
  7. It Never Stops
  8. Grey Day Reign
  9. Crack The System
  10. Growing Stronger (Steroid Remix)
  11. Temple Of Lies (Danse Assembly Remix)
  12. Celebrate (Sneak Attack Remix)

Crush Your Enemies (1995)Edit

Crocodile Shop - Crush Your Enemies
Crush Your Enemies
  1. Celebrate The Enemy (Underwater Mix)
  2. Growing Stronger (Berlin Is Burning)
  3. Smack-Up (No Solution Mix)
  4. Crush Your Enemies (Oz Chant Mix)
  5. She Said You Said (Lunar Trance Mix)
  6. Growing Stronger (What's That On The Road... Mix)
  7. Celebrate The Enemy (Vive Le France Mix)
  8. Celebrate (Iron Horse Mix)
  9. Crush (Oz Glitch Mix)
  10. She Said Undead (Pink Doors For Dr. King Mix)

Order + Joy (2000)Edit

Crocodile Shop - Order + Joy
Order + Joy
  1. Order + Joy
  2. Blinding
  3. New Ideal
  4. Wahrheit
  5. Was Ist
  6. Finalism
  7. Worldestroyed
  8. Wrong
  9. One Voice
  10. God Bring Life
  11. Reason

World (2002)Edit

Crocodile Shop - World
  1. World
  2. Generation
  3. Superficial
  4. Destroy
  5. Scattered
  6. Blackout
  7. Others
  8. Tragedy I
  9. Gone
  10. Try
  11. Generation (Time Shift Mix)
  12. World (Closers Only Mix)
  13. Tragedy II (Arrogance Of Power Remix)

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1987 - present

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  • Mod Fun
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