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Why Me

This song is by Criss Angel and appears on the album System 3 In The Trilogy (2000).

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Now, I'm alone in the dark,
With the lights turned on,
Where no one knows me...
Now, I wear my mask, to see who I am,
But I don't know me...

I don't wanna be here (for breakin' me down)
I just don't wanna be, anymore... no

Hey you! - Why me again?
Hey you! - Wish I could be someone else
-(Truth, x3)- The truth is hard to face
Yeah, when it stares you down
...Hey you! - Hey you! - Why me?

-(Please, x4)- God, please tell me why?
I'm lost inside, where can I find me?
I've lost the will to see - I've lost the will to be
It's always the same, the same... this time ...

[Pre-Chorus] / [Chorus]...
...Hey you! - Hey you! - Why...
...Hey you! - Me? - Hey you! - Why Me?
...I don't, wanna be, anymore

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