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Rubber Room

This song is by Criss Angel and appears on the album System 3 In The Trilogy (2000).

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Rubber Room
-(Ah, Ah)- ...I will
-(Ah)- ...Welcome to my rubber room

You feel me coming - I'm gettin' closer
I want inside you - (I want to enter you)
You feel me pushin' - (pushin', pushin')
The push and pulling,
You feel me stretching you - (I want to enter you)

I will caress you - I will obsess you
I will possess you - (I will enter you) [repeat]

Won't you let me inside of you

Oh, what I want - To be inside of...
I can hear you - I can feel you
Don't resist - I will taste you
I will be you - Don't resist me

-(Ah, Ah)-

-(Ah, Ah)-

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