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This song is by Criss Angel and appears on the album System 3 In The Trilogy (2000) and on the album Mindfreak (2002).

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"Into Amystika, I was born...
Now, as I reflect upon my journey...
I've come to realize that I'm complete...
I finally found myself..."

Here, I can see how my life has passed me by
And if I could have just one more chance,
I'd go back and change it all... Am I alone?

In a world I can't control,
My trials here have left me,
At peace with my own soul...
So I'll just put on my mask, & put on your face
Let's break off the past, & get out of this place
'Cause I am for you, & you are for me...
Now that I know, that I have what I need...
"Revelation..." (x3)

I would die for you (Just to be with you)
And I would die for you (To be with you)
I would die for you (Just to be with you)
I would die, I would die for you...
For you (For you... I would die for you... you)

Kayla: "My love, I'm always here...
Just dream of me" - "...Criss, Criss?!"
Criss: "I can finally see you"

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