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This song is by Criss Angel and appears on the album System 2 In The Trilogy (2000) and on the album Mindfreak (2002).

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Criss speaks:
"Look into my mind's eye..."
"Can you feel it?..."
"Reach into my soul..."
"You'll never know it, but I'm in control..."

Kayla chants:
Into Amystika...
Into Amystika...

"Can you feel it?..."

Woman chants:
Into Amystika...
Into Amystika...
Into Amystika

The "natural" spelling is, "Amystika" (or "Amystica")
-- The spelling, "AMIXtika", is a play-on-words,
Which is the Title of the last track of "System 3"...
It is titled/spelled that way, because it's a "reMIX" ("mash-up")
Including small segments of most of the songs, all MIXed together.
(The word itself, is already a play-on-words, for "a mystical"...
As in, "in to a mystical world of illusion", and so on).

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