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This song is by Criss Angel and appears on the album System 3 In The Trilogy (2000).

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C'mon, c'mon - C'mon, c'mon (x2)

As the story of my life zooms out of my mind
-[Synth'd voice: "Don't give up"]-
I've come to realize, we're just a million kinds
-[Sv: "Don't give up"]-
Pieces of dust, lost souls in the wind
-[Sv: "Don't give up"]-
Do our lifetimes end before they begin?
-[Sv: "Don't give up"]-
And throughout the world,
I've traveled in the blink of an eye
-[Sv: "Don't give up"]-

-[Robot: "Supernatural,
Biomechanical, Mystikal, Magickal"]-
-[Sv: "Don't give up"]-
Try to control myself,
Facing the demons before they control me
-[Sv: "Don't give up"]-
Before they control me... (x2)

Are you ready to... (x2)
-[Robot: "Are you ready to go?"]-
-(Into Amystika... Into Amystika)- (repeat)
...(Into Amystika)

Mmm... yeah, the reason I live...
Is the reason I die - It's really not fair...
Kayla: "Don't give up"

[Pre-Chorus] / [Chorus] ...(Into Amystika)

[Chorus x2] ...(Into Amystika, x3)
...Are you ready?

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