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This song is by Criss Angel and appears on the Soundtrack album Criss Angel Mindfreak (2006).

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Are you ready?... Go!...

Time - Will my ego ever be satisfied?
Blinded - As you enter my mind
Enter my mind!

Am I a lie? - It's a Mindfreak!
Everything keeps haunting me!
It's no surprise - It's a Mindfreak!
...Mindfreak! (x3)

Fear - Takes you places you don't wanna' go
Pain - Purifies the body, mind and soul
Resurrect my soul!

[Chorus] ...Mindfreak! (x6)
...Are you ready?

[Chorus] ...Blurring reality!
...Am I a lie? - It's a Mindfreak! (x3)
...Mindfreak! (x3)
...Are you ready?

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