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Ignorant Self

This song is by Crimson Thorn and appears on the album Unearthed (1994) and on the compilation album Unearthed for Dissection (2005).

I know nothing but CHRIST and HIM crucified
Ignorance misleads fetters and deceives men
A deceived heart turns from GOD
And the eyes and ears are shut
Having the understanding darkened
Alienated from GOD through ignorance
Because of the blindness of the heart
Yet HE stands at the door and knocks... Receive HIM
Unconscious deterioration of man
The worshippers of themselves reject GOD
And know not that they are miserable poor blind and naked
Satan has blinded the minds of those who don't believe
They worship themselves as their gods
The only way to ETERNAL LIFE
Is an individual relationship with GOD through HIS SON
For those who are perishing
The message of the CROSS is foolishness
But those who have received CHRIST
If you believe HIM and receive HIS word
He'll treat you as HIS disciple
Then you will know the truth
And the truth will set you free
I know nothing but CHRIST and HIM crucified

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