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When The Women Come Out To Dance

This song is by Crime in Stereo and appears on the album Selective Wreckage (2008).

"Boy, you've been staring some
Consumed up in the science of the dark"
I was following the light
From the crimson ghost on your arm

She said, "there must be someone sitting at home
Waiting for you miserably
Well, there's not, but there was
She was always down on me

I used to think it was gravity
Now I'm pretty sure it's self esteem

It still doesn't bother me
Entirely in the silence of the dar
She said, "I don't even think that
Danzig is that cool anymore"

There she stood, half naked
But not that the half that gets men dreaming
And she talked about love
And the current state of the scene

"I heard it's not as good as it used to be
But we can always smoke out the room and see
How many shapes we can twist in the fog
And stay up late talking about God

And those we've loved before
Until we pass out and dream about war"

Pass out and dream about war
Until we pass out and dream about war

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