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What A Strange Turn Of Events

This song is by Crime in Stereo and appears on the album Explosives And The Will To Use Them (2004).

While we were getting up and breaking down and building it up again,
You were mixing weak drinks for weeknight sleep
And holding up the wall with your new friends.
Look, I said it was cool,
Now the air seems fresher on my side of the room.
Fuck conversations, it's just time wasted.
This is me saying that it's cool.
What else is there for me to do?
Sit back and count how many dollar drafts it takes for you to forget we're on our own?
Before you slide back into Johnny Black,
I got some things on tap here just for you
Just to let you know
On the off change we both explode
I don't regret a single day I spent with you.
But what's a few lies for an old friend?
What's a few goodnight's you'll never say again?
Just to let you know
I took a chance on you.
But you would never do the same.
So starstuck you went and fucked things up again,
Now take your undercover friends
And your newfound love for trends
And leave as alone as when you came.
It seems to me the only real surprises are tragedies.
Who thought we'd be here on year later at a wake for your integrity?
I'll cover sparks just to save the dark
And hit six-strings so hard we break apart the sound
I don't fucking need anyone
That doesn't change the fact that I always liked having you around
Oh what a strange turn of events.
While we were down on blowing up and doing it all over again,
You were getting high and breaking out and living it up with your new friends.
Look, I said it was cool. And I said what I meant

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