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Warning: Perfect Sideburns Do Not Make You Dangerous

This song is by Crime in Stereo and appears on the album Explosives And The Will To Use Them (2004).

So this is what we've all been waiting for?
And to think I almost missed it,
Now there's some things I won't ignore.
Cause every fool with a guitar and a slick haircut called their prediction
They're the next big thing in rock and roll.
But from a basement deep in what's left of our underground
We're compiling profiles on all you creeps
Now we know where you hang around.
Ever since the focus moved from how we sound
To where we signed and what we bought
Our sincerity's been subsidized.
Our culture now has a cost.
So you fuckers say you want a war?
So you fuckers say you want a war?
I've had enough of you fucking up the one thing that I love
And I won't sit back and watch with idle hands and bitten tongue.
I understand the need for magazines and prime-time ads and pop routines,
But you're trying to place an image where a message had once been
Trends fade with time, and that's just fine.
Soon you'll go your way, and I'll go mine.
You waste your days flooding the airwaves,
We spend out nights tripping the dials.
We're throwing up our fists
To calling out the heartless,
'Cause I don't think you're fooling anyone but you.
We're toasting up our drinks to fucking up your scene.
(I've got explosives) for every single one of you.
Trends fade with time, and that's just fine
So we'll be all right.

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