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This song is by Crime in Stereo and appears on the album The Troubled Stateside (2006).

...Vanished in fury of smoke
Before she left she spoke about a problem and a plan
She said "I plan to make my escape, gonna check out the United States
Can't take this island wasteland
How can I be who I want when they know me as who I am? Besides, people work their whole lives hoping to get here
I figure they could use the room
A great place to get rich, have kids and die
I probably won't be coming back so soon
How can I be who I want if I stay here with you? So goodnight, Dark Island
It's the weight of life spent peeking out from beneath the trees... the way the front lawns wander on endlessly
And it's not a bad life
Working 9-5, weekend gardening and cheating on your wife
But if you find yourself broken in the slow mercury of days, and have the courage for the traffic, I know a secret to escape: just be who it is they want
It's easy to find your way
I can't help feeling like there's never enough friends or any friendly faces, just a bunch of clever ways to say "Jesus Saves'"

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