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New Harlem Shuffle

This song is by Crime in Stereo and appears on the album The Contract (2005).

It's not the end
Forget what I said that fucking letter says
I'm not going over
I'm not crossing oceans for them

It's not defense
And I won't let the business of making new soldiers
Roll over our making promises
We'll tell them

That I was only joking
When I said all those things
I swore I meant at the time
Either joking or lying

So better the stateside than brave the great desert divide
The whole ride over, I was growing wings
And better the road stretched out ahead than the cheap threat of me stretched out dead
What's do think over? Just grab your fucking things

There'll be no statewide searches
For some AWOL stateside kid like me
I swear it'll just be a few weeks
Of hotel rooms and diner foods, or face the new American exchange

Of one rifle for every wife I'll lose

Listen, I've been thinking that we'll take all we've got
And I can dodge the draft and you can quit your job
And we'll make these fuckers catch me if they want me
They'll find me a fighter after all

So better the stateside than brave the great desert divide
Sound the sirens for a long drive
Better the days in for weeks than the days away in the desert streets
So sound the psalms of retreat

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