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Object of Utility

This song is by Cretin and appears on the album Freakery (2006).

She is not calm till sheathed within
Her black constrictive latex skin
From head to toe no flesh exposed
A Rubber Doll to fuck and pose

An eyeless mask engulfs her face
Her features swallowed in its tight embrace
Her breathing heaves, she moans with lust
I polish and buff my latex slut

Custom rigs and racks built to aid her transformation
She'd rather live her life as a household decoration
Paranoid by freedom she prefers her fantasy
To be a sexy chair or table-objectified entirely

She spends her days gagged, plugged, and bound
Electrodes zap her hairless mound
As furniture items in my home
Hung upside down or packed in foam

One day I had her teeth removed
Replaced her lips with an inner tube
Inflated, they fit extra tight
She licks the rubber with delight

Secure to be a latex object of utility
I augment her condition with intensive surgery
Sightless, she took time to discover how she'd been improved
She climaxed when she realized that her arms had been removed


Music by:

Dan Martinez

Lyrics by:

Dan Martinez

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