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This song is by Cretin and appears on the album Stranger (2014).

Long ago I spotted It: my double--every feature, perfect. It grinned as if to say, "We start and only end when one is dead." I swallowed all the pills prescribed, agonizing how to hide when It knew to look, and running was doomed since It owned my stride.

I turned my home into a trap; beneath my bed I slept, and did the opposite of what I'd do, and lived, instead, a stranger. Oh, years did pass, how I grew old, and wisdom made this true: I knew I'd sold the good in me for time. I wonder, would It say the same? Having spent the bulk of years spoiling joy with fear, I wished--almost--It would come at last. When quite by chance I spied It.

Unaware, It laughed beside a family of its own. How strange this felt, to barely recognize me in that way: so content.

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